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Branding Identity: Are Taglines Still Important?

Branding Identity: Are Taglines Still Important?

A well thought out branding identity can set your business to success. A tagline is among the key component that your business should heavily focus on. Some businesses overlook the importance of taglines. However, when done right, taglines can reinforce your branding and differentiate your business from the sea of competition. Most successful businesses are associated with their taglines, influencing their target market.

Here are the key reasons your business needs tagline:

Sums up your business

If you are just launching your brand, the right tagline can help to tell your story. Your tagline can sum up what your business is all about. Tagline helps educate your audience about what your brand can offer to them. It provides context and value to your brand. It helps set the expectation for your audience and allows your target market to differentiate your brand from others

Sets your brand apart

Tagline adds distinction to your business. Most successful brands are associated with their taglines. When one reads, “Just Do It”, they immediately think of Nike. Seeing a commercial with an emphasis on tagline immediately gives brand recollection and recognition. Taglines are effective in recalling a brand since your customers associate you with that. Globally established brands have easily recognizable taglines. It is not surprising for people to tell brands apart based on their taglines. Consumers are well acquainted with these taglines they can instantly differentiate brands without even seeing brand elements.

Tells a story

There are many businesses out there and your unique selling point is your branding. You can convey your message through strategic tagline. Let your customer immerse into an experience through your tagline. Your competition may offer the same products and services as you do but they can have the same tagline. This means that when creating a tagline, consider choosing phrases or words that best represent your organization.

The tragic case of a tagline

The advancement of social media has replaced taglines with hashtag which is more useful when it comes to reaching your target market. However, this doesn’t mean that taglines aren’t useful anymore. A tagline is a powerful way to communicate with your audience. It is essential that you consider it carefully. Your tagline doesn’t have to be viral. It must represent what your company offers. You can focus on your company culture (such as green practices, eco-friendly activities, community services) or your patented products and services. Whichever path that you take, make sure that your tagline is clear and adds value to your brand. Else, you risk confusing your clients, defeating the purpose of having a tagline.

Tagline Development Tips

Crafting a tagline is crucial since your business will be associated with this. Intrigue your audience without confusing them when creating a tagline. Focus on what makes your business unique. Keep it short yet memorable. Make your tagline timeless and above all, consider your target market. Can your millennial audience relate? How about the people across the country? Considering these factors enable you to narrow down your choices and pin down the right phrase.



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