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Elements of Successful Infographics

An infographic is a visual representation of data meant to be easily understood. It is a portmanteau of information plus graphics. These are great for businesses and spruce up your internet marketing strategies.

Businesses can maximize the benefits of infographics when these elements are present:

Data and concept

Infographics aim to tell a story. Before whipping up colourful and creative designs, it is necessary that you know the right concept that you want to convey. Ask yourself what is the data that you want to narrate. Is it relevant to your brand? Who is your target audience? Data isn’t just about crunching numbers; it is also about citing the right information. Assess blog posts that sell and resonate. Determine those that get shared and generate the most traffic. Find out how they tell stories and you can benchmark ideas from them.

Style and design

A design is subjective, but the right graphics design artist would know. Shun away from cluttered design and follow a certain format. Most infographics follow a top to bottom or left to right format for easy reading. Use colour palette and minimize its numbers for clearer representation. Follow your style guide for consistency. For your information and data placement, it is wise that you follow the inverted pyramid format where you place the most important data at the top or left area of your infographics.

Typography and space

A good copy is essential to provide context to your data and to make your entire story coherent. Use striking headlines. It engages your audience and gives them an overview of your data. Pay attention to delivering story rather than impressing your audience. Since infographics have condensed information, it helps to use white space. Use them to give your audience a rest and give emphasis to your story. Space also balances heavy texts and large graphs and charts. This declutters your entire design and makes it more understandable.

Graphs and charts

It is easy to fall into graphs and charts when it comes to crafting infographics. It may be tempting to fill your infographics with numbers, charts and graphs but this can confuse readers. Find the right balance of graphs, charts and numbers in your design to tell your story. Be creative with them too.

Call to action and sources

What is the purpose of your infographics? Do you want to increase awareness? Do you want them to share your graphics? Remind them to share and embed social media links in your infographics for easy sharing. Don’t forget to cite sources to establish the credibility of your infographics.

Now that you are equipped with the elements needed for effective infographics, you are now ready to create infographics that can attract readers and will convey your story.



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