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How to Handle Social Media Security Threats for Business

How to Handle Social Media Security Threats for Business

With social media’s popularity comes security threat that businesses must handle. According to CIO Insights, a worldwide security breach can reach as high as $6 Trillion in 2021. Your business should protect your data against identity theft as well as your audience from cybercrime.

Here are social media security threats that your business may encounter:

  • Hacked Accounts

This is when your account is compromised and used by hackers to extort information from your followers. Hacked accounts can happen through phishing, DNS spoofing or social engineering. Business accounts should be more conscious when it comes to ensuring your security to prevent from being hacked.

  •      Stolen identity

Phishing is a fraudulent act where hackers set up a website that looks like your company. The principle behind this malicious attack is to obtain your customers’ send pertinent data such as login details or even credit card data. Even if your account is set to maximum security, hackers still have ways to obtain your data. In 2016 alone, phishing attempts increased to a whopping 500% mostly due to fake customer support.

  •      Human Error

This is a common social media security threat that brands should be aware. This range from accidental tweets, clicking on phishing links to entrusting login credential to the wrong people.

How to secure your social media accounts

Always monitor your social media accounts to ensure data integrity and security. Below are some ways to increase your security:

  •      Limit Social Media Access

Whether you do your social media marketing in-house or hire a third-party agency, it is important that few people have access to your accounts. Set the publishing rights to minimize human error. It also helps to have a key person responsible for your social media accounts. This person doesn’t just curate content, he must also ensure your security.

  •      Train employees

Create a social media policy and educate your employees about it. Social media policy helps increase your security while encouraging employees the right social media practices. Make sure that your policy covers proper social media engagement as well as tips on preventing phishing and malware attacks.

  •      Schedule regular monitoring

It is essential that your brand invests in technology to safeguard your data. You can purchase security software to automatically scan your account for possible attacks, scams, malware or frauds. Conduct a regular evaluation and audit your accounts to mitigate the risks. This is to ensure that your security efforts are updated. Check your network privacy settings, access rights, and security threats. Make sure to regularly update your password and routinely assess the people who have access to your accounts.

Social media is an integral part of your marketing and customer service. It is important that you prioritize security to prevent attacks and increase customer loyalty.


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