May 12, 2018

Ever wondered why your website isn’t generating leads or driving traffic? Your website design might be the reason. Some businesses pay more attention to aesthetics than their website’s functionality.

From poor navigation to weak content, here are web design mistakes that your business can correct:

No website plan

May 4, 2018

Having a responsive website is crucial to provide your audience with the ultimate user experience. Responsive design is all about ensuring your website adapts to the screen whichever device your audience is using. Your website must not just look good on tablets and other mobile devices, they must also have user-friendly features.

April 10, 2018

A well thought out branding identity can set your business to success. A tagline is among the key component that your business should heavily focus on. Some businesses overlook the importance of taglines. However, when done right, taglines can reinforce your branding and differentiate your business from the sea of competition.

February 20, 2018

Smart branding sets successful startup business apart from their competition. Having the right branding enables your business to connect with your customer and deliver them a customized experience. Once you understand how your customers behave, you can hand to them the experience that they wanted.

February 19, 2018

Having a strong reputation as CEO is attributed to 44% of global executive’s company market value. It also plays a great role in attracting employees and motivating them to stay. Outside the company, a great CEO reputation attracts investors, generates positive media attention and manages PR disaster.

If you haven’t built your CEO branding yet, here are some ways to get it started: